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Centro de Turismo Rural VENIATA. Comarca de Aliste, Zamora (Espa˝a)

Veniata is a renovation project born out of a strict respect for the existing rural architecture. Here we have conserved the traditional structures and ways of building and accommodated them with the amenities of today ┤s lifestyle.

Veniata aspires to respect the environment by integrating itsef into the natural surroundings. Wild and free fauna, such as wolves, deer, roe deer, wild boars... roam their territory in the Culebra Mountains.

The Sierra de la Culebra offers nature-lovers numerous attractions in their most virgin state. Suffused with tranquillity, the silence is only occasionally broken by the howls of wolves, the bellows of deer and the song of birds. The Sierra de la Culebra is a privileged place to watch diverse species in their natural habitat: a wild territory which is one of the last refuges of the wolf.

Veniata takes us back in time. Its very name reminds us of a village along the road built by the Roman Empire to connect Braga and Astorga.

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